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By Thomas Magee
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How to Raise Your Puppy Day 1: My Puppy Just Arrived

– Here’s What I’m Worried About  When Training my Dog

Hi I'm Matt!

I'm the Principal Trainer, creator and Owner of WKD Trained Dog's and wkdonlinedogtraining. To celebrate the launch of our new "How to Raise & Train Your Puppy" course - a comprehensive set of courses for: Toilet Training  Separation Anxiety  Crate Training  Lead Walking Attention Getting  Recall  Games ✅  I'm going to recording the whole process of me raising and training my new Vizsla Puppy Reggie! 

He's an amazing, handsome puppy but already a handful, follow this blog to stay updated on dog training tips, puppy training tips, I'll share the fun and the pain!

With WKD Trained Dogs my mission has always been to improve the lives of dogs and people around the world and after 9 years we're going from strength to strength in achieving this both in the UK and internationally.

I've been fortunate enought have supplied and trained dogs for Police forces internationally, charities, protection for HNW individuals, over 500 hundred dogs for people with additional needs, over 260 rapid 3 hours transformations with 94% success rate and over 3000 succefully trained dogs in total.

One of the biggest challenges people face is finding the time to travel to see us (although Callum in the reviews drove 8 hours in one day!). That's why with the help of my fantastic team we decided to bring everything we've learnt and make it fully supported, easy and accessible to everyone, everywhere, anytime.


Matthew Wiggins

Below is just a transripct to help accessibility people find us by all means read it but it's computer generated so far from perfect and down right hysterical sometimes...

Below is just a transripct to help accessibility people find us by all means read it but it's computer generated so may not be perfect...

Speaker 1:                          00:00                    Right. Hi. Then guys, it's Matt from the WKD trained dogs. Reggie's just arrived with us. A little Hungarian visitor puppy. Who's going to be starting now, how to raise a puppy course. I just want to talk to you about the first few things that I'm worried about when it comes to raising a puppy. I want to spend some time proactively making sure that I can avoid all of the common problems that people encounter and raise this puppy into the dog that I dream it to be. I want a dog that's calm, relaxed, easygoing, happy when I'm not here. Clean, quiet, and easy going wherever I take it throughout the rest of its life. In order to do that, there's a few things I need to do, but first, I've got to get my priorities right, my priorities in order or getting Reggie comfortable being on his own.

Speaker 1:                          00:43                    It's imperative that everybody owns a dog that's happy to be left when you can't be there. So I'm going to get that sorted first. Straight after that, I'm going to get into a position where he's clean and quiet in the house at all times. So he's not going to be paying and pooing everywhere cause that's not nice for anyone to have to deal with or for him I wouldn't have got that sword and then going to be thinking about getting his attention and making sure at the end it was a dog that's running off chasing animals, jumping all over people with meats on the park and all the other things. So the first thing I'm going to do is get him in a position where he's comfortable and calm on his own. The way I'm going to do that is I'm going to make sure that you can't over attach to me whilst he's stressed.

Speaker 1:                          01:21                    Whenever you move a pokey stress level goes up and join that time, they can overstretch to you, which then causes you problems because when you go they can't be left on their own cause they don't like it. I want to get that sorted alongside the toilet and, and the other important thing is getting comfortable in a car. If I haven't got a dog that's comfortable to travel with me, then I've got a dog that doesn't fit in my life. That's going to be another one. I'm going to be coming back to you throughout the days and weeks to follow, showing you exactly what I'm doing and how I'm gonna do it, giving you some insights if you want to know exactly what I'm doing and follow this process and follow this process by the minute. And what you need to do is get yourself signed up to our online training platform.

Speaker 1:                          02:01                    I'm going to be uploading everything that I do with Reggie every day and you can follow me to raise your puppy and exactly the same way that I do. So we go across now to case. I've signed up lifetime access to all of the courses that we ever put on there and there is puppy world in there now so you can get into the puppy world. You can see exactly what I'm getting up to. We've already got a puppy that we did before. He can follow that one through and now you can follow Reggie too. I see you soon.

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