WKD Online Dog Training – How to Raise Your Puppy Day 2: Starting Name Recall:

By Thomas Magee

How to Raise & Train Your Puppy Day 2: 

– Starting Name Recall Training With Your Puppy

Hi I'm Matt!

I'm the Principal Trainer, creator and Owner of WKD Trained Dog's and wkdonlinedogtraining. To celebrate the launch of our new "How to Raise & Train Your Puppy" course - a comprehensive set of courses for: Toilet Training  Separation Anxiety  Crate Training  Lead Walking Attention Getting  Recall  Games ✅  I'm going to recording the whole process of me raising and training my new Vizsla Puppy Reggie! 

He's an amazing, handsome puppy but already a handful, follow this blog to stay updated on dog training tips, puppy training tips, I'll share the fun and the pain!

With WKD Trained Dogs my mission has always been to improve the lives of dogs and people around the world and after 9 years we're going from strength to strength in achieving this both in the UK and internationally.

I've been fortunate enought have supplied and trained dogs for Police forces internationally, charities, protection for HNW individuals, over 500 hundred dogs for people with additional needs, over 260 rapid 3 hours transformations with 94% success rate and over 3000 succefully trained dogs in total.

One of the biggest challenges people face is finding the time to travel to see us (although Callum in the reviews drove 8 hours in one day!). That's why with the help of my fantastic team we decided to bring everything we've learnt and make it fully supported, easy and accessible to everyone, everywhere, anytime.


Matthew Wiggins

If you are raising a puppy or planning to get one you can keep up with insights into Reggies training here


get across to the link below right away and secure your puppies future as a well behaved member of your family and get a full money back guarantee to boot!!

Below is just a transript to help accessibility and for people who are looking for some help dog and puppy training to find us.

 By all means read it but it's computer generated so far from perfect and down right hysterical sometimes...

Speaker 1:                          00:02                    Okay then guys. So the first thing I want to do with this pup is get it in a position where he's happy with his crate. Now I'm going to have to sometimes just pop them in the crate and let him go with it. There's things I can do to help him through so all I'm going to do now, he start to build a happy association with the crate byt throwing some treats inand then coordinate back out for some treats and sending it back in again. The more repetitions I can get, even crossing the threshold of the crate, that bacteria is going to be at this exercise. This is going to be something that you have a need for the next six, six to 12 months of his life. So the quicker I can get coffee to go in there around me to chase him around and catch him, the better it's going to [inaudible].

Speaker 2:                          00:39                    Yeah.

Speaker 1:                          00:47                    Well as soon as he's eat in these few treats, I'm going to bring it back out. Let me hook go out in my hand. Most people don't think about this. In order to get puppies tech tricks and to have to use treats and training, you actually have to teach how to be able to take treats off you. Cause most of these haven't done that. When they come from that that breeders, you hold your hand flat and just pin the food in between your thumb and your Palm. It makes it easy for the puppy to get the food and finding over here, building a happy association between going into the Creek, crossing that threshold and then coming out to me, which is really important because what I want is it wants to be with me. So Robin cleverly, we're [inaudible] and we're actually already starting to build a level of attention so that the puppy wants to be with me and finds me in good thing. Firstly ignoring any jumping off or anything like that that he doesn't know cause we could deal with that later on down the line. Poppy do jump over, but they're going to do it more. If you give them a forest, you don't feel so many. They do it. Sooner or later they're going to realize they got nothing for doing it and they're going to stop

Speaker 2:                          03:11                    [inaudible].

Speaker 1:                          03:12                    I'm deliberately not using any commands at the moment because what I want is for Reggie just to think that this is a fun game and it's not something that he's having to do because he's asked you as we move forwards in the next couple of days, I'm going to stop. I didn't come out of there, but not in the way that I expected to listen to them. Just by associating the words with the things that he's doing, if every time it crosses the threshold to go into the crane, I have the commander I'm going to use eventually if it goes bad and he will start to associate that with going into that. It's not going. Same happens with toilet training. If as your coffee relieves it, so you say the word that you want, I use be quick or toy that then what will happen very quickly, the double associated word with the behavior and then you will have the puppy going to the toilet on command as well. This might seem like quite a boring thing to do with a puppy when you could be teaching it to play or you could be given in a fluster and a colo or you could be teaching it to say, Oh, wait, what? This is the most important one. You haven't got a copy to leave on its own and we'll go to bed easily when you ask you to be different.

Speaker 1:                          04:41                    Well, I'm using Haley's Reggie's take, so this is even male and I'm just using it to reinforce the things that I want. If you're not using food for training and you're wasting valuable tool by just giving your dog eats dinner, find any way to incorporate it, spin it into training so that you can get the dog doing the things you want it to start building. They're like, homies not building the right place and your puppy is going to be living in the wrong copies. So if you live in the wrong habit, come really quickly. I'm going to do this a couple of times today and then tomorrow and move it onto a different level.

Speaker 2:                          05:44                    [inaudible]

Speaker 1:                          05:44                    probably the most important things to do in the early stages of raising the puppy. Teach the puppy how to learn. It's not something that dogs just do naturally. Well, they do it in their own environments, in their own way. I don't want the dog to start working out in the hug. A good thing to do is rock me and start learning my language. If the puppy stops working out that when he does things with me, good things happen. It's going to do that more often and not for what I'm doing now. Coming to the end of the trips and whatever they do, even one for coming out, road two back in when he goes in, he's going to close the door, quiet behind him, and then leaving to it from there. Okay.

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