Dog Training Misconceptions Debunked! Misconception Mondays 9:

By Thomas Magee

Dog Training Misconceptions Debunked! Misconception Mondays 9

Hi guys. It's Matt from WKD trained dogs. Today's Monday, and I've got another misconception for you, on misconception Mondays we break down common dog training misconceptions to help you and your dog get a best life as soon as possible.

Today's misconception is that dog training takes a long time!

Below is just a transript to help people to find us and accessibility by all means read it but it's computer generated so far from perfect and down right hysterical sometimes...

 Now you hear lots of trainers saying that it takes dedication and lots and lots of practice to get your dog well behaved and they're not really lying. It does take lots of practice, but there's certain things that you can do to help speed up the process. When we're doing consultations, we create changes for our owners in about the first 30 minutes of training and the rest of the time is just spent. How can the owner get good enough so that when we're not there, they know exactly what to do. Don't training is really simple if you get it right and the first thing that you need to do to make it quick is find a method of training that works for you and for your dog.

It needs to be a method that you comfortable with and that the dogs are receptive to. It's no good doing something that you're comfortable with but the dog's not receptive to because that's never going to help. When she found a way that's effective for training your dog. Then want to do lots of repetitions in a short space of time because otherwise you have to do it over a long period of time, dipping in and dipping out and you'll never really get things same place. If you think about it in human terms, if I want to learn how to complete the complex task, I'm going to be much better at doing it and I'm going to retain the information if I practice it lots of times in a short space of time rather than trying it twice and then leaving it a week and trying it again.

The reason that dog training takes most people so long is because they don't get enough repetitions in, in a short space of time for the dog to retain what they're asking. If you can get your dog training crammed into small spaces of time and you do it correctly and it's efficient and it's working, then your dog is going to learn things really quickly. It doesn't take long to train a dog. It's just the way most people do it. It doesn't equate to quick learning. I, we've enjoyed this misconception. If you have, give it a like, give it a share and if you're struggling with getting your dog trained in a quick time, stick a comment in the box below and we'll see if I can help you out. I'll see you next Monday.