How to Raise & Train Your Puppy Day 3: Ball Games:

By Thomas Magee

How to Raise & Train Your Puppy Day 3: Ball Games & Recall

 How to use Ball games to build engagement and starting train your Puppy to come back.


Right guys, its three days since Reggie arrived and so far he has been quiet overnight, clean in terms of toilet behaviour and is getting to grips with his name, going into and out of his crate and plenty more…

Today’s video is all about starting to develop a puppies play- specifically the retrieve.

If you own a dog that is ball obsessed when out and about then you own a dog that wont have issues with reactivity, recall, chasing animals, cars, bikes, joggers etc.

If you can make yourself and toys the centre of your dogs world you literally solve the majority of issues you can experience out and about….

Have a watch of this for plenty of useful insights

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Matthew Wiggins

Below is just a transript to help accessibility and people to find us by all means read it but it’s computer generated so far from perfect and down right hysterical sometimes…

Speaker 1:                          00:09                    My guys, it’s mine. I’ve got just about to have my first play session with Reggie now we’ve done a bathroom equal. We’ve gone and going in and out. He’s crate when he’s warm. When we ask him to, he’s cleaning the crane at the moment and he’s not making any noise. Why not? Why don’t we separated from him? So that means I can start to build a little bit of an attachment to me to help with recall and things like that. Now with most dog trainers, if you’ve got a problem with another dog, what don’t do nowadays in the modern world is they’ll tell you to get the dog more interested in you than it is in everything else. And then even try and use food or toys to do so Germany, it doesn’t work. And if you watched any of our consultation videos, you’ll see that we don’t use much of our stuff until we’re past a certain point because we need to interrupt the behaviors that we don’t like before we can get the dog interest in the toys.

Speaker 1:                          01:01                    So is we’ll never get a dog interested in toys or food when he’s out and about because they haven’t done it from a young age. The best way to combat that is to start off with a puppy and get it obsessed with play as quick as you can. If you’ve got a puppy, there’s more obsessed with a toy than it is beds, square roast or the dogs, people jog has caused all the other things that give out as trouble when they’re out and about. Then you go a puppy that you can motivate at any point. If your dog’s obsessed with a toy. He’s not obsessed with anything else and he’s much easier to interrupt. We have a dog that does that, so I’ve got a little squidgy toy, kind of got Reggie. He’s got an opposite of nuts, which we’re going to call them down in the next few days and I’m now going to stop teaching him how to play ball. So the role of all the way, just see what he does to start with Reggie. We’ve got an interested roller ball away, little bit SCAD. We just give him a minute and see what he goes. [inaudible]

Speaker 2:                          02:05                    [inaudible].

Speaker 1:                          02:18                    Okay, so he’s not, I’m not sure about what’s going on. Who’s going to try and see if we can get a little bit of interest in the toy? I’m just gonna roll it around a little bit. See if it was stopped paying attention to it.

Speaker 1:                          02:38                    Sometimes pops will get onto the toy straight away and all the pups are going to need a little bit of encouragement to help them learn that it’s something that good fun and it’s not going to hurt them. So all of inhaler Reggie is getting, there we go. And now he’s picked the toil and he’s got an in mountain and he’s starting to play with it. It doesn’t take much to get a puppy interested at this stage, but if you leave a dog until it’s older, you’re gonna have a real job on your hands. So now I’ve gone in walking around with a toy in his mouth. Well, I’m going to date registering. Well I’m going to do is just give him a false, the inclination at this point for people is to grab the toy from the puppy, but if you do that, you’re going to get a puppy very quickly that doesn’t want to bring the toy name so you can touch it a little bit.

Speaker 1:                          03:23                    Hold on to that. Basically what I’m doing is just giving him a false and that didn’t know that I’m a safe person to be with when he’s got something that he wants. After a moment or two I’m going to gently take it off him and I’m just going to send it again and let him go and get it. He’s going to come back to me and I’m going to give him a false a gap, so we’re making it really happy place for him to be with me while he’s got a toy in his mouth. You have to watch children with this cause. Children naturally chase dogs. I’ve got toys and if you’ve got children and they chase after your dog on his phone, tone and mouth very quickly, it’s going to find it more fun to keep the book, to keep the toy away rather than bring it back. You can get dog that retrieves when you’re out and about in any situation, regardless of the structures that are going on around you. Then you’ve got a puppy that you can bring back to you at any point you want and you’ve got something to focus it on.

Speaker 1:                          04:24                    We got dog obsessed too, that life’s easy.

Speaker 2:                          04:28                    [inaudible]

Speaker 1:                          04:28                    whenever you want to reward a recall or anything like that, you can just get the toy out and give it to the dog and if he’s the most important thing in his life when you are outside, then you’re onto a winner. As we move forward with this, we’re going to do lots of different exercises and we’re going to tie the recall into the retreat, so we’re going to send this way out. Then we’re going to recall a puppy, but he’s two and he to do that in the moment and I’m going to get it man. It’s too heavy to do that at the moment because he doesn’t understand what the recall really means. All we’ve done is some sessions of throwing toys away, calling it back so that he brings it back to us. So for the moment or you want to do is get your puppy in a position where he’s comfortable with you with a twin [inaudible] mouth and that will go away from you to grab a toy and bring it straight back to you again.

Speaker 2:                          05:29                    We lost it.

Speaker 1:                          05:42                    That’s it for now. Guys, on our little lesson on play, we’ve got lots more to teach you about this. You can either keep an on the blog and see little bits that we put it up every now and again, or if you’re raising a puppy or you know Summa is even get yourself. We’ll get them straight to www dot du where you can be online. Don’t get signed up to the poppy course and you’ll get lifetime access to everything we ever released on these money back guarantee. We are on a mission to get your puppy to be the best dog ever. If you fall on our way, then you’re going to have success guaranteed.

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