How to Raise and Train Your Puppy: Day 5 Starting Heel…The answer to all outdoor issues:

By Thomas Magee

How to Raise & Train Your Puppy Day 3: Ball Games & Recall

 How to use Ball games to build engagement and starting train your Puppy to come back.

Hi I’m Matt!

I’m the Principal Trainer, creator and Owner of WKD Trained Dog’s and wkdonlinedogtraining. To celebrate the launch of our new “How to Raise & Train Your Puppy” course – a comprehensive set of courses for: Toilet Training ✅ Separation Anxiety ✅ Crate Training ✅ Lead Walking ✅Attention Getting ✅ Recall ✅ Games ✅  I’m going to recording the whole process of me raising and training my new Vizsla Puppy Reggie! 

He’s an amazing, handsome puppy but already a handful, follow this blog to stay updated on dog training tips, puppy training tips, I’ll share the fun and the pain!

Starting Heel Training with Your Puppy…The answer to all outdoor issues

If you’ve been following this page for a while you will have noticed that the majority of consultations we do are dealing with dogs that are reactive when outdoors.

Reactivity comes in many guises and can be both excitement or aggressive in nature….

One skill stops all of these issues from occuring – ATTENTION

If your dog pays more attention to you than it does anything else then it cannot be reactive because it doesn’t even notice the distraction in the first place…

One element of training attention is heelwork – the ability to have your dog walk by your side, paying attention to you on a loose lead.

Most owners never achieve it and thats a shame because its easy to develop.

Here I am, with Reggie, doing our first lesson in Heel

If you are raising a puppy or planning to get one you can keep up with insights into Reggies training here


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Below is just a transript to help accessibility and for people who are looking for some help dog and puppy training to find us.

 By all means read it but it’s computer generated so far from perfect and down right hysterical sometimes…

00:03    Hi guys. It’s Matt from WKD I’ve set my camera up a bit low and I’m just getting ready over the next couple of days to start training. Reggie with his Heel work, which is basically to make sure that he walks up nicely at my side wherever we are and what we do as he grows up. In order to do that, what I want to do is get him used to following things in my left hand and so I’ve got some corn beef and I’m just going to start walking around feeding him with my hand on his nose so that he can get used to being in the right position before we take it outside over the next couple of days and start to move in forward. It’s really important to own a dog that walks nicely at you side wherever you go. Most problems that people have out and about are off the back of reactivity issues, which is where the dog becomes reactive to a distraction. 

00:49    Now it might be that the dog really wants to get to another doctor play, might be as nervous of other dogs and so it shows aggression. It could be trying to chase joggers, quite tore cars. So it’s really important exercise and I’m about to show you how we started off. You can see that Reggie likes the idea of Colombia is the first time he’s ever seen it or tasted it. And so he will basically go wherever my hand goes to get a bit of food. So with the right motivation in place, I’m going to show you what it’s all about. What I’m looking for is for the dog to be up my left hand side with its chest in line with my shin. If it’s for forwards, then that’s out of position and later on it’s going to be a problem. If the dog’s too far back, that’s not so much of an issue cause it’s nice to have a dog that’s slightly behind your leg, but in an ideal world so that he will follow me when I turn around and go in different directions. I want him just better forward just in that position. So I’m going to grab some food and I’m going to show you what it’s all about. 

01:53    So all I’m doing here with call me from my hand is I’m just letting Reggie take out pieces of food as we go. So I’m putting a chunk of coffee in my hand. You can use any kind of meat for this corn beef. Good. Because the poppy can take little bits of it. You do have to watch your thumb to make sure that he’s not catching it in his teeth because his teeth are super sharp and you don’t want to create a dog biting you to get things off you. So what I’m doing is I’m holding my hand like this with my thumb pinning the food so that he can’t quite get to it. All you can do is push on my thumb with his nose. Yeah. Literally every single step that he takes, he’s getting a piece of food out of my hand. We’re just positively reinforcing being in the right position. As we move forwards, we’re going to start asking to do more and more. So I’m going to want you to look up without jumping and then I’m going to reward him and stay that growth and hold his position. And the food’s going to come back to him. 

03:04    [inaudible] 

03:06    good thing about [inaudible] they can clean your hands afterwards as well.

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