WKD Online Dog Training – How to Raise and Train Your Puppy Day 4: Games Tug of War:

By Thomas Magee

How to Raise & Train Your Puppy Day 3: Ball Games & Recall

 How to use Ball games to build engagement and starting train your Puppy to come back.

Hi I’m Matt!

I’m the Principal Trainer, creator and Owner of WKD Trained Dog’s and wkdonlinedogtraining. To celebrate the launch of our new “How to Raise & Train Your Puppy” course – a comprehensive set of courses for: Toilet Training ✅ Separation Anxiety ✅ Crate Training ✅ Lead Walking ✅Attention Getting ✅ Recall ✅ Games ✅  I’m going to recording the whole process of me raising and training my new Vizsla Puppy Reggie! 

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00:07    [inaudible] 

00:07    Hi It’s Matt from WKD, I’m here with Reggie and we’re about to do another training session around play, but this time we’re going to have a look at Tug of War wall. Nobody that don’t play to rewards, right? It’s the only game that don’t come really play with you where you have to be involved. We were born with it. Yeah, we have a ball. The dog can knock it around and they can chase after it themselves, but we’ve took a wall. If you are not actively engaging with the dog, then we don’t. Doesn’t get any enjoyment from it. Later on down the line, you can use tuber wall to reward. He’ll work, retrieve, recall and all sorts of different exercises. Even the one you talked to before, so getting a dog that comes like two good wall. Wow. He enjoys the game is a really important thing to do. I’ve got a little piece of broke and I’m just going to tell him that we’ll know that it goes with being massive what you’re playing with, but it wants to be something that you can grab hold of easily when they don’t go home with it. 

01:04    You’ll notice that none can be a family for with veggie when he’s not in that man doing different things. We’re going to deal with it guy in a couple of days time, but he knows me a little bit better, but it’s worth noting that I’m doing anything to increase his enjoyment or the way that he finds his good fun. If you’ve got children very quickly or poor people, find it really good fun to run around and grab hold of that trousers. All that grounds, all that lax I’m gonna do is most people, it’s because of the way that you foster puppy. I haven’t done much foster with Reggie at all at the moment and I certainly, I’m done. The exciting, of course now this hurts, but I’m just ignoring it. Most people would deploy the [inaudible] because I’m ignoring it, meaning not really getting a massive amount of enjoyment out of it or sitting. 

01:45    Not as much as if I was screaming and running away from him. So I’ve got my little patient right and I’m just going to get Reggie interested in it and I’m going to throw it away as if we were playing with trees. When he comes back, I take hold of it, right John, a bag of tension on each and every time he pulls back to take it from me, I’m going to let him win. Most people ruin that dope. I for two of all my playing too rough and they run good dogs head around. Whenever you’re doing this, you want the movements to be in a straight line away from the dog’s body. If you can keep it parallel to the dog’s spine and it’s really easy on the dog and he’s not putting too much pressure on it so many times, you know, he pulls a Latin when I have it for a minute, when he comes back to me, I’ll give him a false so he knows it’s okay to come back to me with a toy and then gently or take it again, but bear pressure and when he posts, I’m going to let him keep it more and more. 

02:43    You do this, the more the public’s going to enjoy playing to a goofball. What most people are worried about is creating a dog dominant because they’ve heard that Latin the dog when to Google creates problems. It’s the biggest load in rubbish out that we can. We can approach that anyway as opposed to you guys old rep. So for the moment all I want to do is that Reggie Lynn think he’s strong. Build his confidence and increase it design. If I took the goal with, we’ll come straight back to me with the toy. I’m going to do a little bit more so you can see exactly what’s going on. Then I want you to have a go at it with your puppy. 

03:22    Wouldn’t you got this game going? We started an outdoor retreat into it, so sometimes you take it off the Pope and throw it away and then when it comes back to you, you have a little game of total war. When it wins, you let it keep it, give it a fuss, taking off the puppy, throw it, comes back little him took a wall and it becomes a real nice way for the puppy to engage in both types of games that we wanted to play more. I can make him comfortable with the Twain, his mouth while he’s with Nate, the less likely he is to want to keep hold of it, Toby and keep it away from me. It’s no fun having a dog. It takes a toilet rooms off and you spend the next day, two minutes trying to catch it. If you can build the design and you’ll dog play tuba wall and when unpruned full back to you without the theory you’re taking it off them and you’re going to have a dog that looks to play and you both don’t go to loves to play more than everything else, then you’re never going to end up with problems when you’re out and about and you can also reward behaviors that you want to reward and highlight the most dogs. 

04:26    Once they hit a certain point in their life, they and toys much more rewarding food. Not because it’s the dog gets old. That is who drives starts to increase. 

04:42    Doing this should also got me into a position where he’s less likely to mouth and try and pull on my clothes on my bed or my hands because he’s gotten the outlet for the exercise through the top toy rather than trying to find his own out outlet for it. If you can get your dog playing tote, I’m playing retrieve and very quickly you can end up in a position where I could have no need to grab hold of you cause he just wants to play with his toys. And if you’re doing that then you went in. Guys, I hope you found this useful. If you have, give it a light, give it a shot. And if you know somebody who’s raising a puppy, if you’ll know and let them know about this or you go across, do we need to be divvied up WK be online dog and get yourself some of the our online training platform on that. You will find courses for puppies, dogs, team blue and problems. You’ve got lifetime access to anything we ever released on this money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results, you don’t lose anything. I’m going to see you next time. We have another lesson with Reggie. Until then, happy trading. [inaudible].

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