Dog Training Misconceptions Debunked! Misconception Mondays 9:

By Thomas Magee

Dog Training Misconceptions Debunked! Misconception Mondays 10 Breed Specific Training –

Hi guys. It’s Matt from WKD trained dogs. Today’s Monday, and I’ve got another misconception for you, on misconception Mondays we break down common dog training misconceptions to help you and your dog get a best life as soon as possible.

Misconception Mondays #10: Breed Specific Training – 2 minute video.? Every Monday we’ll be sharing a short video to dispell the common misconceptions we get told by either trainers, friends, next door neighbours, whomever..?I’m here to tell you why, after 17 years and over 3000 succesfully trained dog, these misconceptions are mostly, RUBBISH❗.I hope you guys enjoy it and don’t forget, write any suggestions for this in the comments box below ??.Don’t forget you can sign up to our highly reviewed dog training platform at

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Below is just a transript to help people to find us and accessibility by all means read it but it’s computer generated so far from perfect and down right hysterical sometimes…

00:01                                   Hi guys, it’s Matt from WKD trained dogs. Today’s Monday and that means we’ve got another misconception for you on misconception Mondays We break down common dog training misconceptions to help you and your dog get the best life. Today’s misconception is that a breed specific training whereby an owner of a particular dog with a particular breed wants to go to a trainer who’s got experience of that dog. Now this doesn’t really matter. It’s all a misconception. Dogs are individuals and so within a breed and within the litter, you’re going to get a huge range of characters. Just think about if you know somebody who’s got three children from the same parents, but all three children look different, behave different. They’ve got different motivations in life and they like different things with no different. With a dog, there’s no point in trying to train a Hungarian visitor that loves food with a tennis ball that another Hungarian visitor likes.

00:54                                   If the first one doesn’t like the tennis ball, you need to find ways that make your dog tick, not based upon each breed, but based upon his individual character. WKCE we’re masters at this. We can take a dog. We know the things that make them tick by little tests to find out which one motivates them most and then we stick with that one and move forward and train that way. If you want to do this with your dog, there’s some simple tests that you can do. For example, if you were going to look at the dog’s desire for food, you should get five or six different types of reward. Maybe some cheese, some ham, some chicken, some biscuits, get some different things and give you a dog. The option to pick the one it likes most, you lay them out on the floor, see which one it goes to first.

01:37                                   Whichever one if it goes to is one that you should be using in training exactly the same. It can be doing with toys. Get a range of different toys. Go out and try and throw them for your dog and see which one is more interested in. Once you found it, stick with that one. There’s no point in trying to motivate somebody with something that doesn’t motivate them. So if you’ve got somebody who really likes recognition of a job, well done, but you’re trying to motivate them with money, it’s not going to work as well. And exactly the same is true of dogs. Make sure when you’re training your dog, you’re using motivations that your dog likes rather than ones that you think he should. I even joined this misconception when they will be back next week for another one. If you have, give it a like, give it a share and if you’re struggling in this area of your dog’s behavior where you’re worried about which trainer to go to, stick a comment in the box below and we’ll see if we can help you out. I’ll see you next Monday.