WKD Online Dog Training – How To Raise & Train your Puppy 8: The Lightbulb Moment When Your Dog Gets It:

By Thomas Magee
How To Raise & Train your Puppy 8 The Lightbulb Moment When Your Dog Gets It

How To Raise & Train your Puppy 8: The Lightbulb Moment When Your Dog Gets It

What's that I hear you say? Well, it's the answer to get your dog to stop relying on treats and to start being obedient. 

 Watch the magic happen here with Reggie and have a go yourselves. Lots of people tell me their dog is silly, stubborn, dominant etc and in almost all cases, the correct answer is that the owner just isn't communicating in a way the dog understands. Want to talk your dog's language in record time? Get to now and choose the best pricing option for you and your situation. See you on the other side folks

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To help build even more resources I'm going to be recording Reggie's journey, sharing dog training tip's along with the pain and patience of the tough decisions.

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Below is a transcript to help accessibility and people to find us, you can read it but it's computer-generated so won't be perfect and sometimes downright hilarious....

00:04                                   Hi People, it’s Matt at WKD Trained Dogs dogs and I'm in a bit of a funny angle because the kitchen is a bit of a mess. I'm just going to talk to you about something that we call it the light bulb moment. It's a really interesting thing that you can do with your dog. Lots and lots of people talk to me about how they forever having to give the dog treats to get him to do something. This is why the problem is, and if you follow the advice in this video, you should find that your dog will start becoming more reliable when you ask you to do things, but you don't have treats on hand all the time. Before I take you through this, I want you to remind you that we've just opened up a subscription option on the platforms. We've got three new pro pricing options and they don't want to trade in platform.

00:42                                   You can subscribe for 59 99 a month comes at any time, still comes with a money back guarantee. You can pay your membership 147 75 or you can still pay your lifetime membership one nine seven and get lifetime access to the whole platform. With each of the options you get access to anything that we've ever released. As long as you still want your membership in place and it's all money back guaranteed. If you're interested in that and you like what you see here and you want some money for yourself, go across to right away. Get yourself signed up. Now the light bulb moment because basically where we can ask the dog to do something and instead of helping it like how I've been doing previously, come on rash. Instead of helping it like we have done previously, we got to let the dog work it out for itself. So I'm going to show you what it's all about. Hopefully you'll see Reggie's light bulb switch on. Take some food out behind, hold it in front of his daughters, Reggie on your bed. And now I'm just going to wait.

01:50                                   [inaudible]

02:00                                   Oh boy. So why I'm writing today is to get Reggie in a position where he starts to initiate behavior, which makes it all happen and then doing it on his terms, not mine. If I was to keep throwing food in the crate like they have been doing, but what's going to happen is it's all always going to rely on it on your back. Good boy. As soon as he throws game, throw the fifth down. So Maggie's light lightbulbs just switched on really quickly. I promise you I haven't practiced this one. It looks like it does, but when you get training, right, it works really quickly. [inaudible] your training your dog in a way that works for your dog. You're going to see really quick results

02:42                                   when you guys,

02:45                                   good boy, there's no reason for training to take forever if you're doing it right, you don't get to work it out real fast,

02:53                                   Reggie. Ready?

03:10                                   There'll be a confusion that go, boy, so all we're doing is letting Reggie work out how to make the rewards awry. This is taking them away from Loring and into him making things happen anyway.

03:25                                   [inaudible] Reggie,

03:38                                   good boy. You can see him actively working this out so he gets a little bit confused every now and again. I'm just going to reward him for staying there as well cause that's something that we're trying to build up. So I want him to start holding himself in the crate, which was going to be doing this week. Reggie,

03:55                                   you bet.

03:59                                   Infusion. We're actually output boy reward.

04:13                                   You bet Reggie

04:23                                   guys don't train. It should be good for not stressful on your back. You can hear in my voice. I'm enjoying doing what I'm doing is because I'm working with the dog in a way he understands and he's going for him. Oh boy. Now, very quickly, I'm only about to increase the distance there so Reggie will go further and further to go and get in his bed.

04:49                                   You bet.

04:53                                   Dropped told me trips everywhere. Remember it's how deep pockets when you're training domes guys, if not it all goes wrong and you have to scramble, pick it up and try and get it before the dog gets it. That's the other thing that most people don't show in dog training real life as well. And it doesn't always go as planned, even if you know what you did anyway.

05:19                                   Good boy.

05:20                                   Right? And guys, I'm gonna leave it there. Get yourselves cross now, Get yourself signed up. Six 59 99 monthly access, one four seven seven five yearly access, one 97 lifetime access. All of them come with unlimited access to all courses while ever your memberships in place. I'm only about guarantee if it's not working for you, I'll see you next time.

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