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By Thomas Magee

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?Training Tips Tuesday: The Next Level - Variable Reinforcement ?

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00:01                                   Hi guys. It's Matt Wiggins at the WKD trade dogs. Today's Tuesday. Here's another training tip for you. Over the last two weeks I've been talking about positive reinforcement, continuous reinforcement, and now we're going to talk about variable reinforcement. Nobody wants to be relying on treats and constantly I'm just stick sausage, sausage down there, dog's throat to get it to be well behaved and this is where variable reinforcement gives us a key to maintaining longterm behavior at high level whilst not having to constantly treat your dog. You can't just go from continuous reinforcement where you are treating the dog every time to not treating it or what we want to do is fake things out. Lastly, increasing the likelihood of a dog doing behavior and also getting a bit more power in that behavior too. Variable reinforcement is basically when you start rewarding your dog randomly for the behavior that he's performing.

00:54                                   The reason this works is it's very similar to how people learn as well. The reason that people start gambling and playing on fruit machines is because you never know when you're going to win. If every time you put a pound in, you got two pounds out. Quite soon it would get boring because you'd know it's going to happen and it's repeating itself again and again. The reason that we keep playing on fruit machines and we can find it enjoyable, even if you're 20 pounds down and when you went to Penn and you're saying, yes, I've won is because it's valuable and you never, you never know when hit and that bone is going to give you something good. If you can get your dog in a position when it never knows when it's going to win, it's going to try even harder and become more obsessed by that game.

01:35                                   If you ask your doctor, say it sticks, it's probably on the floor and every time it does, so you feed it. Dr can become boring quite quickly, but if on the other hand it never knows which time it's going to get a piece of food for sitting and he's going to become more and more interested in the game. Variable reinforcement is why you give to the dog reward variable shed your so he never knows when he's going to come and you need to balance things out so that you're not asking it to go too long without a reward or but so that you're not also rewarding every single time. It was something I used for wanting to start with is a two in five reinforced new changer. That means for every five repetitions of the behavior that your dog does, it gets rewarded twice. Randomly say might be the first and second time that five that you feed it or it could be the second and the fourth time that you feed it.

02:20                                   It doesn't matter where it comes as long as it's random. If you do that with your dog, you'll find that the likelihood of behavior is increasing and the dog's desire to do that behavior is going to go up dramatically and when he does, you can start using that in different areas to further prove your dog's behavior. I hope you've found this useful. If you have, give it a like and share it out with someone else who's going to find it useful too. If you've got problems maintaining your dogs or achieving your dog's behavior that you want, stick a comment in the box below and we'll see if we can help you out. We've got nine killer concepts. They're going to help you train your dog and if you'd like to have a look at them, click on the link below out. We'll give you seven days free access to our online training platform. We're here to give you and your dog the best life. Stick with us and we'll get it sorted.