Calm & Clean – 2 of the key parts to a well behaved puppy:

By Thomas Magee
dog training

Getting just 3 things right with your puppy will make a huge difference – here’s 2

Most puppy owners whilst waiting for their puppies vaccinations struggle with issues inside the home before general obedience issues raise their ugly head.

The first weeks in your home are the most critical – but trainers won’t work with puppies that aren’t vaccinated?!? 

If you aren’t careful, when you need help most, nobody will be there to help!

In the first two weeks of ownership, new owners struggle with mouthing, barking and howling, jumping up, chewing and more.

From sleepless nights due to barking when left, constantly cleaning up accidents, getting jumped on and bitten none of it is dealt with in puppy classes. 

Puppy classes deal with obedience commands. They teach you how to train your puppy rather than to untrain problem behaviours.

I realised when developing our approach to puppy training that the reason most owners struggle during this time but I never have an issue with these behaviours was because I have my priorities right.

Unfortunately, what you naturally do when you bring your puppy home will actually create these common problems rather than avoid them.

I on the other hand have a plan in place when I bring a puppy home, I have a list of priorities I want to tick off in the right order and the end result is that I have a puppy who is calm. If you own a calm puppy, you don’t struggle with any of the common puppy training problems that owners complain of.

A calm puppy doesn’t jump up

A calm puppy doesn’t bark and howl

A calm puppy doesn’t mouth

A calm puppy doesn’t chew

A calm puppy doesn’t….

If you do the right things, the things we wish to share with you then you will raise and enjoy all the joys of owning a calm dog. Almost all problems that owners struggle with in the home and at indoor public spaces would be none existent if they had just raised their puppy to be calm.

Typical owners, with typical puppies, because of the excitement of the occasion start on the wrong foot from the very first day. The owners actions actually create speartion problems, mouthing, barking all night when left and much much more.

Just so we are completely clear on this one, our approach to raising a calm puppy has worked with so many puppies across so many breeds that the results fly in the face of convention.

We, and our clients have successfully achieved ‘calm’ behaviour from puppies of breeds that are known for being super high energy and bouncy. From Springer Spaniels to Collies and Labradors to Huskies, if you approach things correctly then you will end up with a calm puppy.

If you do what most owners do, you will by default raise a high energy puppy and with high energy comes mouthing, jumping up, barking and howling and so many more undesirable behaviours.

Now, I realise you want to own a dog that is fun and has energy but, you want that energy to be displayed when you wish for it rather than it be a default behaviour.

We want to teach you how to raise a puppy into a dog that needs about an hour of exercise a day, is capable of Ten hours exercise but it’s default, until asked otherwise, is calm.

If you can raise your puppy to be calm inside the home, by default, you will avoid 100% of the in-home problems that most owners struggle with.


Cleaning up poop and wee accidents, having to constantly bathe your puppy, walking around smelling of your puppies excrement and more.

Failing to correctly toilet train a puppy in a timely manner is a nightmare.

Unfortunately, most owners go into the toilet training process assuming that it will be easy. The reality though is that it causes lots of owners and their families a huge amount of stress.

When you pick up a puppy it’s spent the last 8 weeks of its life literally feeling the need to go to the toilet and just ‘doing it’. There will have been no requirement to think about where it goes.

On the day you bring your puppy home though, due to the nature of human expectation, all of a sudden, going to the toilet ‘wherever’ isn’t acceptable.

It’s possible to have a puppy clean in your home extremely quickly. I usually clean up a few accidents in the first few days and then from then on, my puppies are clean.

If you’re busy like I am, getting this element of raising a puppy ticked off as soon as possible is really really important. A messy puppy creates a messy life and a messy life created stress and worry.

Most owners though have the opposite experience. They struggle for weeks on end, they try all the gimmicks, they try all the approaches they read about online, they take advice from other owners and none of it works. Subsequently, they get stressed, their puppy gets stressed and they spend much more time than they should dealing with the after effects of not having a proven puppy toilet training plan in place to follow.

Ensuring that a puppy is clean in the home should be every puppy owner’s first priority, once they’ve done anti separation anxiety training that is! (part of the calm training).

I don’t care how well you do anything else with your puppy, if you can’t quickly get your puppy clean in your home then you are in for a very tough ride, your relationship will be off on a bad footing and you will be unduly under pressure across all aspects of your life.

Luckily puppy toilet training is one that is very easy to get right with our approach because we explain things in such a simple way. All you need to do is follow the routine.

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