What is it costing you not to work with us? How to get WKD results for less!:

By Matt Wiggins
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At WKD, at face value, we know we aren’t the cheapest and there’s a very good reason for that. 

We’re the best in the business.

If you’re looking for guaranteed dog training results, to ensure you get what you pay for and to enable you and your dog to really enjoy life together then you won’t find anybody else to partner with who are as good as us. GUARANTEED!

Unfortunately, partly due to our services being in such high demand but also because of the resources we have in place to ensure we can give you what you came for, it stands to reason that one man band dog trainers can often operate cheaper than we can.

The problem for you is, they may be able to operate cheaper, but they definitely can’t give the results, support, and aftercare that we can, and, ultimately that should be what matters to you.

I’m writing this article because I’d like to look, in more detail, at the difference between what you pay for something and what you get for your hard earned money.

We’ve all heard the sayings

At WKD we find that when it comes to investing in dog training, most owners are afraid, for good reason, to put their money where their mouth is.

Every day dog owners tell us how difficult life is, how bad their dogs behaviour is, how life would be so much better if their dog was under control, how their dogs behaviour makes them stressed and anxious and many more things.

We then talk to them about what we do and what we can offer, how it works, how it all comes with a money back guarantee, we show them numerous before/after videos and testimonials along with a few explanations as to why they are struggling and then we hit a stumbling block when we get to the price, they go quiet and we end up feeling guilty because we didn’t explain the value on offer in a better way.

Let me ask you a question….

In fact, I want us to do some maths together….

Q. In a day, how many hours do you spend being affected, either physically or mentally by your dog’s behaviour? Ie out on a walk, worrying in bed, trying to train him/her?

Q. Now, how much money do you earn per hour in your job?

Q. Based on the average dog living to 12 Years, how many years do you have left with your dog?

Now, I want you to multiply the hours per day you spend affected by your dog behaviour by 365 and then multiply that by the number of Years you have left with your dog.

Finally, multiply the answer by your hourly wage.

What is the answer? 

Scary huh? Well, that figure is the amount of money it is costing you by NOT investing in an effective and guaranteed program to transform your dogs behaviour.

If you were to invest in the right training and get your dog behaving in the way you dream of you would have that many hours free again for you to do what you like with, to spend fully focussed on work, to think about other, more productive and enjoyable things, to actually enjoy walks with your partner or Family, to really enjoy your dog rather than being stressed by it.

Whilst training your dog may look expensive at first glance, when you look at it in terms of what it is costing you not to train him or her things become a lot simpler.

It gets worse too, let’s put aside the value of the hours you are wasting living a less than perfect life with your dog and turn our thoughts to the potential costs of not training your dog if something bad were to happen.

What’s the worst case scenario with your dog?

Could he/she bite somebody? Bite another dog? Cause an accident? Increase your insurance premiums? Damage your or somebody else’s property that you would have to replace? Get injured and incur big vets bills? Could the behaviour get worse and mean it cost even more to resolve down the line?

I’m not doing this to push you, I’m doing it because it wouldn’t be right for me to not try and get you and your dog to make the best decision for both of you logically rather than emotionally. I’m a dog trainer and that’s what I do.

Whilst some people genuinely don’t have the money in their bank to invest, for most, it’s that they don’t see the value in the training or haven’t thought about the cost of not training their dog.

To help you understand what I mean, if I had sat on the table in front of you your dream pair of shoes, dress, jacket, the keys to your favourite car, your dream home or something similar and I said you could have it/them for half of what they were worth, most people would manage to find the money. Of course they would, they would realise what a great deal they were getting. They couldn’t lose!

How many times have you or somebody you know been into a shop and come back out again with something they didn’t even go in for because it was a deal they couldn’t refuse?

I know the value of what offer, I see the feedback on a daily basis for owners who were at the end of their tether and, just a short time later, are experiencing a renewed quality of life, calm and stress free walks, camping trips and holidays they could never have imagined and so much more.

On the side of the fence you are sitting, you think we sell dog training. 

On the other side of the fence, the owners who decided to push the button, they know that we don’t sell dog training but rather, we sell happiness for owners and for their dogs.

You’re reading this because I want to help you. I want to help you train your dog and I also want to help you think about the value you would place on actually solving your dogs behaviour issues. I want to help you stop thinking of the price and start thinking about how great life would be if you got the results that we promise?

First, to bring everything into perspective, before I talk about how you can get the life changing results of our training for less than you think it costs, answer this question for me.

Let’s say money was no object, do you think our service would solve your problem and give you the results you were hoping for? If money were no object at all, would you be working with us?

Another common barrier to changing their life for an owner is distance. So, if distance were no object, if we were on your doorstep, if you could have access to us anytime you needed, would you be working with us?

Have you seen enough evidence of what we can do, what our clients say and examples of our simple approach and methodology to be happy we could give you and your dog the results you desire?

If you think that we are too expensive, or you see the value but are struggling to justify the investment, is that because you are comparing our prices to other trainers you have used (and I’m guessing who failed) or based on the prices other trainers are quoting?

Or is it that you don’t really know what dog trainers charge but you’d got a budget set in your mind before you contacted us?

If you’re comparing our prices to other trainers are you sure that you are comparing like for like?

Do they offer a money back guarantee like we do which means unless you get the result you were looking for you don’t pay a penny?

Or, if you chose to work with them instead of partnering with us, could you end up spending a lot of time and money and have nothing to show for it?

With them, Can you get trainer support 18 hours a day 7 days a week or will you be left on your own to struggle when you need help most because your dog has done something on a walk at 8pm that you don’t know how to resolve? 

Do they have a platform full of individual video lessons included in their packages so you can recap on what you should be doing just before you go for a walk or decided to do some training at home when you aren’t actually with the trainer?

I really do understand what it feels like to want something but struggle to finance it either because of the actual cost or simply finding justification to invest.

I often come across the same problem in daily life too. 

A few years ago, I was looking to reminisce on my younger years and buy a car which I used to own in my childhood. When I was 18 I could buy one for around £1500. 

Nearly 15 Years later, the very same car, just older and with more miles and a bit more rust was going to set me back £8000. I just couldn’t get my head around it and decided to walk away.

Today, I looked again out of curiosity…..

That £8000 I decided not to spend on the car because it seemed too expensive would now, just Five Years later be worth £25000. 

After kicking myself, HARD, for messing up and not taking action when I had the chance I finally got around to thinking if I should buy it now.

I haven’t decided yet. I don’t actually need the car in the same way that you and your dog need to improve your quality of life together. 

Whilst I consider the car purchase, I’ll be constantly reminding myself that the very worse situation I could end up in would be to have a car which would maintain the value I paid for it and on the potential upside, it could continue to appreciate and be a great investment.

The same is true with dog training, especially when working with WKD. 

Because all of our training services are covered by our money back guarantees the very worst case scenario is that you have spent a little of your time trying, it doesn’t work and you have your money back. 

On the upside, and infinitely more likely based on our track record, we could solve all of your issues in a simple, easy and efficient manner and you and your dog could be living a stress free and fulfilling life together in just a few short weeks from now.

So let’s get back to how to get our training for less than you think it is.

Firstly, we have done a number of things to try and ensure that our training is accessible, affordable and offers value for money compared to other options on in the marketplace.

In fact, across our training services, we have options ranging from completely free all the way through to our month long residential training packages which costs a few Thousand pounds.

We have put in place full money-back guarantees – if it doesn’t work you don’t pay

Each of our paid services, from our online membership through to the residential packages allow you to get EXACTLY the same results. The only thing that changes is your level of involvement.

We may look expensive at first glance, the best products usually do but I genuinely believe, when you look at what you are actually getting for your money no other trainer in the World offers such value for money.

True to my word, I said at the start, I would tell you how to get your WKD training cheaper and here are a few ways.

  1. Invest in a lower priced offering from us

If you are looking at residential training, save over £2000 by choosing to do a One2One consultation instead and get exactly the same results. GUARANTEED.

If you’re looking at One2One, save £800 by joining the online platform instead and getting exactly the same results. GUARANTEED.

The route to success is different, the results are the same.

  1. Usually a price objection is actually an owner telling us that they don’t trust us or they aren’t sure what they are actually investing in. Sometimes though, a price objection is because the owner literally doesn’t have the money available.

When this happens, we try our best to accommodate but we can’t work miracles. We are currently looking at offering options to spread the cost of our training over a number of months. If this would be of interest to you, please let us know and we will get in touch as soon as we have something up and running.

If you’ve read this far, the chances are that you do have enough available money to work with us and solve your dogs issues but you are struggling to justify spending it for a couple of reasons.

You have your mindset on one service but only a budget for a lower priced option – I get it.

I’d love a RangeRover but had to settle for Toyota Hilux.

I needed a car for transport and there was no option to not have a car for a few Years whilst I saved more money. I decided it made sense to purchase what I could afford safe in the knowledge the Toyota was just as capable of getting me from A to B as the RangeRover.

You have the money available but you think you can get the result cheaper elsewhere – I think that competition is great, it causes people to continue to grow and develop their offering. It’s also the reason I believe we offer the best value for money and guaranteed training on the market. I know, in depth, the offerings of our competition around the UK and the World. My team and I have spent week after week researching what is on offer. You are free to spend your money where you wish but I know, you won’t get anywhere near the service, results or guarantees we offer.

You are using money as an excuse to not take action – This is the most common barrier to an owner and their dog getting the life together they dream of. Nobody likes spending money, especially when your spending is on something that you can’t see/feel/touch before handing it over. Dog training is one of those services. 

If you have the money in the bank but aren’t taking action, ultimately, it’s because you are procrastinating. In your mind, the amount of effort/pain of spending the money and time training your dog isn’t worth the results that you would get.

I have one small piece of advice for you, by doing nothing, nothing is likely to change, if anything does change, it is likely to change for the worse. The only way to actually make the changes to your dogs behaviour is to push the button, take action and start moving in the direction you want to go.

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