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By Matt Wiggins
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At WKD we know that the training is only the beginning of the journey.

It doesn’t matter which service you choose when you work with us, whether it’s the online platform, a One2One consultation or a residential training package that you invest in, that’s just the start of the process.

Transforming a dogs behaviour is our speciality at WKD and regardless of the service, the magic usually happens in the very first hour or so of training. It’s during this first hour of training that owners realise just how easy training is when they have the right approach. An approach which is easy to understand, simple to apply and ethically correct.

The initial change in behaviour is the easy part for everyone. For us, it’s simply a case of following a set process. If the dog does ‘X’, we, or the client does ‘Y’ and it’s a process which has been developed over 17 Years of constant study.

For the client, we have the answer to any eventuality. All you need to do is let us know what is working well and what isn’t working so well and we can tweak the approach to suit you and your dog as individuals.

Surprisingly, it’s maintaining the change of behaviour which causes most trainers and their clients problems. The majority of trainers simply don’t have the resources, knowledge and processes in place to allow them to fully support each one of their clients and dogs to a satisfactory level.

On a daily basis, we work with owners whose previous experience of dog trainers and the support they give has been abysmal.

They get ignored, given sub standard advice, let down for training sessions and more.

Having heard such stories from desperate owners over many years, I decided that we were again, in addition to our industry leading money back guarantee’s going to raise the bar once more.

It was our aim to give our clients “the most consistent, responsive and supportive aftercare service in the industry”

None of what we have created in terms of aftercare would have been possible without our flagship online training platform – The proven route to success that few jump into without persuasion but almost none want to leave once they are in.

After all, how on earth would some online videos solve your issues with your dog when face to face training has failed numerous times? Well you see, that’s where you make the wrong assumptions.

WKD Online Dog Training is far from a few videos packaged up into a website. It’s a one-stop solution to solving your dog training problems, guaranteed to work, supported by a skilled team of trainers and tested on Thousands of dogs and owners around the World.

You may have read me saying this before but the success of our one2one consultations and residential training services are solely down to the genius which is WKD Online Dog Training.

The Online Training Platform stands alone, our One2Ones and residential courses ride on its back.

So what exactly do we mean when we say that our online training platform comes with full trainer support?

Well, we mean exactly that. Courtesy of our team of 17 highly skilled staff we are online for 18 hours a day, ready to assist and help you get your dog to the place you dream of.

There are things that we could never do in person which are remarkably easy to achieve with an online solution.

For example, let’s say that you are out for a walk with your dog following a one2one consultation and something isn’t working the same as it did on the day you visited us.

The first thing you would do is jump online and check, via Two or Three easy to understand videos that what you had remembered from the session as actually what we did when we were in person. Just doing that would be likely to get you back on track.

Let’s assume though, for the purposes of this explanation that once you’d reviewed the exact lesson you did with us in person that you were happy you were handling your dog correctly but it wasn’t working in the same way it did when you were with us?

Well, the next thing you would do would be to have a quick check in the training resources library and see if there were any supporting videos which explain common issues and handling tweaks which could prove useful and give them a quick go.

If that still wasn’t working, your next step would be to get in touch with one of the training team who are strategically available when you are likely to need them most. Our shift patterns cover 18 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days a year (we all need Christmas off right?)

You can contact the training team through the training platform itself, via email, FB and Instagram messenger and a live chat function on our website. When you contact a trainer, they will ask you for all of the information they need to best advise you and may ask for a short video of the issue (no need to have anybody to film, just a phone propped up and you working your dog in front of it will suffice). Once they have all of the information required they will advise you, specifically based on what they see and guide you through how to resolve your problem.

At WKD we are an honest bunch and it wouldn’t be fair for me not to explain that sometimes, despite all of the above steps, you could still be struggling and at that point we would reach out via phone.

If that still wasn’t working, your case would escalate to me and I would take it on personally and jump on a call with you.

I’d always recommend that every owner who is struggling at least give the online training platform a try first no matter how unsure they are about it. It often proves itself to be the most efficient route to success, both in terms of time invested and finances regardless of your issues.

The very same training support process that I’ve explained above is the reason our One2One and residential training packages work so well.

When you’re training a dog, things are constantly changing. Something in the environment changes, something you were doing that worked isn’t working anymore. What worked in the morning isn’t working in the afternoon. When this happens, all of our clients, no matter the service, can use our full training support package WHENEVER they require assistance.

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