Are dog walks a nightmare? Is your dog’s behaviour frustrating, embarrassing, worrying?

Does your dog pull like a train, yank your arms out of socket and cause upset for you?

Remember dreaming of the perfect companion?….and then it all changed.

For people who have dogs who are reactive, anxious, aggressive to dogs, animals, people and other distractions.

Did you know Reactivty affects 1 out of 3 dogs?

You are not alone.

As the leading reactivity specialists, we’ve had more experience and success than any other trainers out there both in person and online with trainer support.

This reactivity programme will teach you the skills and give you the confidence to never be worried, anxious or frustrated with your dogs’s reactivity again.

It’s time to start living the life you dreamt of with your dog!

WKD Online Dog Training is a fully trainer supported dog training platform that helps you to change your dogs behaviour from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll get Fast, Really Simple, Step by Step lessons to equip you with the skills to train your dog.

Members are able to tap into same day live dog training help from our expert trainers!

Matt and our team will guide you and review your training, talk you through what’s happening and what to do next.

Consider this your personal, pocketable, local trainer on hand helping you wherever you are.

Additionally, as a member you’ll get Lifetime Access to all current and future courses for your dog, our extensive resources directory, big discounts on other products along with a private training support group.

German Sherpherd Reactivity Training

Sound too good to be true? Here’s what Our clients are saying

Rebecca – “…having my arms ripped out….Can’t believe in 48hrs my 9 & 7 year old can walk him”

Caroline – “Buzzing about Matt and the team!”

Sara – “from being dragged down the lane to this, only our 3rd morning”

Stephen – “I honestly think WKD were the difference in us being able to keep our rescue”

Wendy – “took her 2 minutes to grasp the concept….so emotional at the amazing results, the tears were flowing”

Eliza – “Matt and the team give great feedback and support – I highly reccomend them!”

Your Expert Dog Training Support

Matthew Wiggins – Course Director

20 years dog training – Founder of WKD Trained Dogs, the global leader in supplying fully trained pet dogs.

Matt has a long History of training dogs for and with with Government Agencies, Special Needs Support, Schools, Sheep Trials, Advanced Obedience and an unparalleled depth of knowledge in behaviour modification.

“My goal is to improve the lives of dogs and owners around the world” – Matt

Cassie Lovatt – Lead Trainer

8 years dog training – Problem solutions expert – team leader – young dog development leader
“I love seeing our clients dogs develop, but I love the feedback we get from happy owners more..”

Sian Howels – Lead Trainer

7 years dogtraining – 121 rapid transformation specialist – 1000+ Hours of training support –
“Dog training is easy, training our dog owners is the challenge I love!” – Sian

What you will get with this Dog Barking, Lunging & Reactivity on the Lead Programme

Key Concepts in Understanding Your Dog’s Behaviour

In order to stop a behaviour, we must first understand the process. This course will skill you in dog behavioural concepts such as behaviour chains, timing, reinforcement, skill fading and how these underpin successful training.

Ultimate Attention – Stop Your Dog Pulling On the Lead

A dog that pays attention to its handler (you) is a dog that does not pull. This course will show you step by step, very simply, how to be the centre of your dog’s world, how to gain & maintain attention when on the lead!

How to Stop your Dog Barking, Lunging and Reactive on the Lead

Now it’s time to really step it up. You now know the processes your dog goes through to becoming reactive, you know how to gain and maintain attention on the lead, this course is all about how you bring that to the real world with distractions and reactive stimuli in a safe, process driven, proven approach. All fully supported by our WKD Online Training Teaam


Why Use WKD Online Dog Training?

Highly Reviewed

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30 Days Money-back Guarantee

We know our training works, we want you to feel assured. If you use our training and support and can’t get results, you can have a full refund.

Proven Techniques

Matt and the WKD Team have helped the lives of over 30,000 dogs and owners already!

Train anytime anywhere

Unlimited access 24 hours each day, any location, whatever your device

Personal Trainers

Our training support team is online around 18 hours each day

Free Bonuses

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Our Training Explained In Depth

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a purely positive training course?

We absolutely don’t believe in labels. At WKD we believe the best method, is the one that works.

Many of our customers over the last 10 years come to see us after seeing a variety of trainers, behviourists, dog psychologists and other gurus only to have invested time and money to no success.

Our approach is to get you to find the best most efficient way to motivate your dog to do what is asked of it rather than battle with the wrong behaviors consistently. We think it is ethically wrong to have a dog that pulls consistently for the 8-15 years of its life rather than adds the minimum amount of pressure and reward during training to have it walking on a loose lead ongoing.

Our training videos are all over social media and our many customer reviews support this approach, which is why we are confident this training course will get you and your dog to the right place to enjoy your time together.

Do I need any special equipment?

We recommend using a collar with a tight loose function and a long lead  – around 2 meters.

The reasons for this are in over 3000 successfully trained dogs a tight loose collar, fitted and used correctly is the most efficient and beneficial collar for use in training. When correctly fitted it is perfectly suited to an on-off signal when making the dog aware it needs to adjust it’s behavior.

Whilst to some it may seem controversial, for us it’s ethically better to have a dog using a tight loose collar on a loose lead, than to have a dog pulling constantly putting pressure on it’s body through a flat collar, harness or other tools for the rest of it’s life.

long lead is important because with our training we get your dog to a place whereby it is paying attention to you rather than have a tight lead to signal it. Your dog must be walking on a nice loose lead before we can move you onto off lead recall for example.

Why should I pay for this vs cheaper alternatives?

Put simply, you get what you pay for.

Also if you can get Lifetime Access &100% guaranteed results with a money-back offer for less the, we’d love to see it!

Our customers regularly tell us the extreme amounts of time and money invested in other professional training only to have no success we think it’s wrong to have someone commit to a product or join a long term subscription without getting the results they signed up for.

No subscriptions – No Hidden Fees – No Upsells – Just consistently updated high quality dog training courses included – FOR LIFE

How much time do I need to spend to see results?

Our courses are built to replicate our Results Guaranteed 3 Hours One to One Training Consultations, so ideally you’d complete the practical side of the course and see results in as little as a few hours.

We then give you a tailored plan to embed the behaviors at specific growing intervals to reduces skill fade in you and the dog.

What happens if the training doesn’t work?

If you have followed our Online Dog Training Courses, used our included reviews and direct communications with our Pro Trainers and still can’t get the training to work….We’ll issue a full refund. FACT.

Can anyone follow your course?

We’d like to think that the courses are so simple that anyone can do them – we’ve tested on our kids!

That said, if you have any difficulties, whatsoever, our Pro Trainers are on hand to support and guide you when you need it. That’s a promise!

Be outstanding – Do things Differently

If you want to get better results than your typical 6 week village hall puppy program, learn from the absolute leaders and pioneers behind fully trained family pets and results guaranteed dog training.
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