How To Stop Your Dog’s Reactivity In The House

How To Stop Your Dog’s Reactivity In The House

How To Stop Your Dog’s Reactivity In The House

How To Stop Your Dog’s Reactivity In The House











For People who can’t stop their dog from being reactive to doorbells, phones, guests and more…

WKD Online Dog Training is a fully trainer supported dog training platform that helps you to change your  dogs behaviour from the comfort of your own home.

Fast, really easy, step by step lessons equip you with the skills to train your dog.

Members are able to tap into same day live dog training help from our expert trainers! Matt and his team will see you training, talk you through what’s happening and what to do. Our members are seeing first improvements in under 10 minutes. 

Consider this your personal, pocketable, local trainer on hand helping you wherever you are.

Additionally, as a member you’ll get Lifetime Access to all current and courses for your dog, our extensive resources directory, big discounts on other products along with a private training support group.


>  YOU CAN’T consistently copy a Professional Trainer with many years of experience during short drip fed training…> Trainers handle your dog. Do you have the confidence and SKILL to  repeat the handling of an Expert when alone?..> Life is busy. Traditional training takes too much time and dedication to acheive long term results for the average dog owner…

> You’ve Tried Training Before. You’ve given up because other Training has Failed and “Your Dog’s behaviour can’t be Changed”…

Mandeep: “We have a 13 month old female German Shepherd, she is very aggressive towards other dogs & and starts to bark, pull and lunge which is getting difficult to handle….”

2 weeks later….”Thanks for the videos Matt, our Luna is doing great witht the online. We are going to make a video to send to you tomorrow. Nothing has worked so far but your training is amazing! We will move onto the next training video after this…”


We’ve Taken 17 Years experience and reverse engineered the process to focus on making You an Amazing Handler and not us train your dog!… We guide you and give you the knowledge to build your Confidence and Skills to handle even your most challenging dog… We’re fast, really fast. Because our approach is simple, lessons are short, and we don’t add unnecessary “fluff”, our customers see results on the first day – see our reviews!…

> We offer a 100% moneyback guarantee. We want to restore your hope and reduce your concerns. We’ll help you get results, or you can have a full refund!…


The Situation: “My dog barks at the door, jumps on guests and is reactive”

We all thought it was a bit crazy for Matt to have to drive across the country to solve this issue.

Matt and the client were able to sort this in  3 minutes, and you can too!

Developed by Industry Leader Matt Wiggins

Hi I’m Matt!

With WKD Trained Dogs my mission has always been to improve the lives of dogs and people around the world and after 9 years we’re going from strength to strength in achieving this both in the UK and internationally.

I’ve been fortunate enought have supplied and trained dogs for Police forces internationally, charities, protection for HNW individuals, over 500 hundred dogs for people with additional needs, over 260 rapid 3 hours transformations with 94% success rate and over 3000 succefully trained dogs in total.

One of the biggest challenges people face is finding the time to travel to see us (although Callum in the reviews drove 8 hours in one day!). That’s why with the help of my fantastic team we decided to bring everything we’ve learnt and make it fully supported, easy and accessible to everyone, everywhere, anytime.


Matthew Wiggins

Don’t Take Our Word For It! – Our Customers Do the Talking…

Carole Baker

Cockerpoo owner

My Cockerpoo Kiz.. gets over excited and jumps up when greeting people. She also barks hysterically as we leave the house…”

Caro Baker

Lead Pulling Cockerpoo

Jennie Baines

2 Dogs Staffordshire Bullterrier Cross

“…I can honestly say that after 20 minutes the reactivity had been completely been corrected”


 Reactive German Shepherd



> ALL CURRENT AND FUTURE COURSES VIDEOS AND LIVE SESSIONS – We’re releasing courses and content every week, we’ll never stop building and adding value.

> DIRECT CONTACT AND HELP FROM MATT AND HIS TEAM OF EXPERT TRAINERS – Send in your training videos or get in touch and we’ll have real trainers talk to you directly to help

> EASY TO FOLLOW STEP BY STEP TRAINING– We know how to train you to train dogs! We’ve partnered with specialist online learning Guru’s to ensure you get the fastest, most effective, easiest dog training learning in existence! No Filler, no Fluff, just fast effective, ethical ways to get your dog sorted!

> YOUR OWN PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRESS REPORT AND CERTIFICATES – WYou’re putting the effort in, we want to make sure you know where you’re at in any given point in time, trak your progress and 


You will have a better behaved dog.

Whatever the issues are, we will help you…

We will be on hand to respond and talk to you live. 

We’ll get you sorted in under 24 hours. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 Days

If you can’t get results from our step by step lessons and trainer support, you can have a full refund. (t&c’s available below)


Access Your Training Course From Anywhere

This Course

3 Step-by step modules that are easy to follow


Module 1: Understanding the process

Solving Reactivity in your house is requires a different approach to when out and about on lead. This is why this lesson will teach you to identify understand the key processes, behaviours and timing in your dogs reactivity


Module 2:  Interrupting and Embedding behaviour

Once you’ve got an amazing understanding ofyour dog’s behaviour, it’s time to get practical, we’ll show you how to appropriately interrupt your dogs reactivity at the right time and embed the new behaviour.


Module 3: Maintaining no reactivity

Whilst this course is super simple and fast, it’s really important to ensure that these new skill and behaviour are repeatable for the long term. We’ve got you covered, got a plan and we’ll show youn how!

Developed by Matt Wiggins and his team of expert dog trainers at WKD Trained Dogs. This online course will teach you everything you need to know about effectively dealing with your dogs behaviour in a simple and efficient manner.

This step-by-step course is easy to follow and will enable you to set the solid foundations of a happy dog. You can access the course wherever you are, via mobile, tablet or desktop.

If you need further support our experts are online to assist you at every stage of the way.

There is no other online training courses that can give you *GUARANTEED results AND lifetime value with continued support

Over the last 10 years and over 3000 successfully trained dogs, Matt Wiggins and the team have been studying exactly why people fail in training their dogs. It’s through this process of reverse engineering, we have developed a really efficient, concise, easily repeatable training program to give you results.

We’ve seen people invest thousands and spend weeks of their personal time for training only to get no results, that’s why if you follow our course and still don’t get the training results you need, we’ll refund you 100%. Fair enough?

You may find cheaper segmented individual courses, without a guarantee. Included in our price is Lifetime Access to ALL COURSES, a money back guarantee and a promise to save you time as well as money for the long term. Our customers enjoy a happier long term relationship with their dogs, period.

100% satisfaction guarantee

*100% Satisfaction Guaranteefor 30-Days

We are so sure that our training works, if you can’t train your dog using our training programs, we’ll give you 30 days to decide and if your not happy, we’ll refund you 100%. No strings, we just want you to have a well trained dog – Sound Fair Enough?

So why wait when you have zero risk and an opportunity to start having the life you wanted when you got your pet?

Meet Matt Wiggins – Director and Principal Dog Trainer

Matt’s interest in dog training began nearly 20 years ago with his own particularly awkward pet German Shepherd. He learnt his craft initially as a hobby which developed quickly into a dedicated career in dog training and behaviour. He developed his skills, knowledge and techniques with a passion for achieving what some would deem impossible with various breeds and associated behaviours.

With many positive testimonials and feedback from his peers in the Police force and other recognised authorities in the dog training sector, he created WKD Trained Dogs. Working hands on with the whole team on a daily basis, Matt continues to develop and oversee training while liaising with clients to provide them with the perfect trained companion. Now over 3000 successfully trained dogs later, he is taking his knowledge phenomenal training programs online using real people and real dogs getting real results, in record time.

Matt Wiggins

Instance 1

 30 days access to all COURSES for your dog


30 Days Subscription

  • Access to Training 24/7 anywhere in the world
  • Immediate Start
  • Live Trainer help & support
  • Quick Results
  • Clear, simple lessons
  • 30 Days 100% Money-back Guarantee (t&c’s below)
  • Upgrade anytime
 lifetime access to all COURSEs for your dog

£297 £148.50 

Discount During Social Distancing

  • Lifetime Access to all courses
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to Training 24/7 anywhere in the world
  • Live Trainer help & support
  • Quick Results
  • Clear, simple lessons
  • 30 Days 100% Money-back Guarantee (t&c’s below)
  1 Year access to all COURSES for your dog

£197billed annually

This breaks down to only £16.41 a month!

  • Immediate Start
  • Access to Training 24/7 anywhere in the world
  • Live Trainer help & support
  • Quick Results
  • Clear, simple lessons
  • 30 Days 100% Money-back Guarantee (t&c’s below)
  • Annually recurring – cancel anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a purely positive training course?

We absolutely don’t beleive in labels. At WKD we beleive the best method, is the one that works.

Many of our customers over the last 10 years come to see us after seeing a variety of trainers, behviourists, dog psychologists and other gurus only to have invested time and money to no success.Our approach is to get you find the best most efficient way to motivate your dog to do what is asked of it rather than battle with the wrong behaviours consistently. We think it is ethically wrong to have a dog that pulls consistently for the 8-15 years of its life rather than add the minimum amount of pressure and reward during training to have it walking on a loose lead ongoing.

Our training videos are all over social media and our many customer reviews support this approach, which is why we are confident this training course will get you and your dog to the right place to enjoy your time together.

Do I need any special equipment?

We reccommend using a collar with a tight loose function and a long lead  – around 2 metres.

The reasons for this are in over 3000 successfuly trained dogs a tight loose collar, fitted and used correctly is the most efficient and beneficial collar for use in training. When correctly fitted it is perfectly suited to an on off signal when making the dog aware it needs to adjust it’s behaviour. 

Whilst to some it may seem controversial, for us it’s ethically better to have a dog using a tight loose collar on a loose lead, than to have a dog pulling constantly putting pressure on it’s body through a flat collar, harness or other tool for the rest of it’s life.

A long lead is important because with our training we get your dog to a place whereby it is paying attention to you rather than have a tight lead to signal it. Your dog must be walking on a nice loose lead before we can move you onto off lead recall for example.

Why should I pay for this vs cheaper alternatives?

Put simply, you get what you pay for.

Also if you can get Ifetime Access &100% guaranteed results with a money-back offer for less the, we’d love to see it!

Our customers regualarly tell us the extreme amounts of time and money invested in other proffessional training only to have no success we think it’s wrong to have someone commit to a product or join a long term subscription without getting the results they signed up for.

No subscriptions – No Hidden Fees – No Upsells – Just consinstently updated high quality dog training courses included – FOR LIFE

How much time do I need to spend to see results?

Our courses are built to replicate our Results Guaranteed 3 Hours One to One Training Consultations, so ideally you’d complete the practical side of the course and see results in as little as a few hours.We then give you a tailored plan to embed the bahaviours at specific growing interval  to reduces skillfade in you and the dog.

What happens if the training doesn’t work?

If you have followed our Online Dog Training Courses, used our included reviews and direct communications with our Pro Trainers and still can’t get the training to work….We’ll issue a full refund. FACT.

Can anyone follow your course?

We’d like to think that the courses are so simple that anyone can do them – we’ve tested on our kids!

That said, if you have any difficulties, whatsoever, our Pro Trainers on hand to support and guide you when you need it. That’s a promise

Hear From Our Customers – These Verified Reviews Are Taken From Our Facebook Page

Sophie Priya

Spaniel owner  – Yorkshire

“…two years and over £1500 spent on classes….After 10 minutes, both our dogs were walking past other dogs without issue”

After two years and over £1500 spent on classes, trainers and home visits, we were getting to the end of our tether!…After 10 minutes, both our dogs were walking past other dogs without issue. In addition, we stopped the incessant barking and growling at visitors!..18 months ago we couldn’t manage having visitors and we never EVER thought we’d have our dogs off the lead! We can’t recommend Matt and his training enough! Thank you so much! :)

Laura Birch

Romanian Rescue Dog

“…easy training to fit around your lives that makes sense and is practical!…”

“…Works wonders with easy training to fit around your lives that makes sense and is practical!

Our dog Lara was people and dog reactive. We’ve just had some people round our house and she was fine!! Can’t believe it. So so happy!! If you’re in a similar situation then get in touch with WKD dogs!”

WKD Online Dog Training