I have a puppy, I need puppy training

I have a puppy, I need puppy training

I have a puppy, I need puppy training

I have a puppy, I need puppy training

Toilet training, howling and barking when left, mouthing, jumping up, chewing, pulling on lead, resource guarding and more…

Welcome to puppy ownership.

I’ve been there myself. My Girlfriend at the time and I finally took the step to bring a Puppy into our lives nearly Two decades ago and then, almost immediately, started to wonder how we’d made such a huge mistake.

We’d imagined relaxing watching TV and our new dog chilling out next to the fire, quiet countryside walks followed by a nice meal in the local pub with our dog lay quietly under the table like all the other dogs we’d seen there before, we’d got the house, the lifestyle, we were settled in our jobs. Surely now was the right time to welcome a Puppy home?


All hell broke loose.

Overnight our ideal life was gone. Our sleep was shattered, our mornings turned to chaos, being at home was stressful, being out was stressful, in fact, life was stressful full stop.

How could such a cute small animal cause so much carnage?

Puppy ownership is no joke. The bad news is, unless you get on the right track quickly, it’s going to get a whole lot worse. FAST!

I have no doubt you’ve made mistakes and not done the things we would have advised to ensure that you avoided all of the problems you are currently struggling with but that’s not important now.

What’s important is to get you from where you are, to where you want to be as quickly as possible and avoid all the problems to come.

If you think it’s bad now, let me tell you unless you do something, it’s only going downhill from here.

The problem is, the advice you have been following in’t working, no matter what you try, your puppies behaviour is at best staying the same and likely getting worse!

It’s not your fault though, it’s because most trainers, most people on social media, most of your friends and most of the people you’ve already spoken to don’t know the answers to owning a well behaved dog.

They’ll tell you that they will grow out of it, that it’s just the puppy stage, that you need to teach basic obedience, play brain games, distract the puppy, hand feed, yelp when they bite, give them a cuddle when they feel lonely and all sorts of other advice which not only doesn’t work, it actually moves you away from what you want to achieve.

I meet dog owners on a daily basis who have invested hundreds if not thousands of pounds and many hours of their time attempting to solve their puppy training problems with little to no results.

It amazes me how much people struggle when the answers are so simple. The problem isn’t you though, the problem is it’s really hard to find the right answers.

That’s why we’ve built this page. To help you get the ownership you dreamt of, in record time. (regardless of your issues).

I don’t know of any other trainer who follows our approach because it’s so unique and the result of nearly two decades of not only studying dog behaviour but more importantly, studying owner behaviour.

The fact is, I’ve raised and overseen the training of hundreds of Puppies just like yours who, using our simple, step by step approach have been transformed from little terrors into model companions quicker than their owners could ever imagine.

It doesn’t matter what issue(s) you are struggling with, our approach will work.

That’s what we’ve developed it to be.

A simple, no messing, straightforward approach to minimising problems and maximizing results in a simple and efficient manner to get you are yours in a position as soon as possible where normal life can resume.

Alongside guaranteeing the results you will get I can make another guarantee.

I can guarantee that you’ve been doing the wrong things. 

In fact, I know exactly what you’ve done to get in this mess and I’m about to help you get out of it.

Have you ever thought that if puppy classes and what owners routinely do with puppies was correct there would be absolutely no need for dog trainers once a puppy was 16 weeks old?

If the typical approach to raising a puppy worked for people, I wouldn’t be in business. 

The reality is though, if you think it’s bad now, unless you start doing the right things, the things we’ve proven to work for owners just like you thousands of times before, it’s going to get a whole lot worse!

Let me start with this bombshell.

Owning a well behaved dog has nothing to do with obedience training.

It’s all to do with developing the right character and the correct habits.

Just like parents guide their children to be polite and honest, we should be raising our puppies to have the ideal character rather than teaching them commands to control undesirable behaviour.

My parents don’t need to remind me with commands to not display undesirable behaviours, they raised me so that it just happens.

Based on Ten years of study and very simple but effective goals in mind we have all the answers you are looking for and we will deliver them in a simple, efficient and fast to work manner.

We’ve broken puppy training down into Three simple areas which completely remove all of the problems you are experiencing whilst ensuring your puppy grows into a well mannered, easy going companion.

Here’s the secret. If you own a puppy who is;




Then you literally don’t need anything else.

You don’t have to stop a calm dog from jumping up, mouthing, chewing or barking the house down when left. They are calm.

You don’t have to worry about pee and poo accidents or destroying the house if you own a puppy who is characteristically clean.

You don’t have to worry about pulling on lead, reacting to things in the environment, chasing things and ignoring recall if you own a dog who is attentive.

You see, this is where everybody is getting it wrong.

Teaching obedience commands will only work if you first have your puppy’s attention. The most common thing I hear from owners is ‘he/she is really good until distracted’.

That’s my point…

An attentive puppy doesn’t get distracted in the first place.

A calm Puppy is just that, CALM. Of course, they are still fun, but when you want it and in the way you want it.

A clean puppy knows where to go to the toilet and how to behave in the home, it is CLEAN.

Raising and training a puppy is easy. Stopping them from doing all the things you don’t like is easy. Getting back to a normal life is easy.

But you need the right approach and that approach needs to be easy too.

If you’re sitting there reading this thinking…but my Puppy isn’t calm, clean or attentive then you’re in the right place.

In very much the same way it’s possible to mould a young child’s character in a certain direction the same is possible with puppies.

There’s a reason that as adults we don’t need our parents on hand to give us commands. It’s because theyve developed our character first and then taught us desirable behaviour.

You can do exactly the same with your puppy no matter how bad things seem at the moment.

What you’re lacking is the knowledge, help, support and the goals you should be aiming for.

That’s exactly why you’re in the right place!

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