The best dry dog food

The best dry dog food

The best dry dog food

Dog Food

The Best Dry Dog Food – Behavioural Balance

No Added Grain​
Added Omega 3​
​Freshly Prepared Meat or Fish​
​No Added Food Colourings or Preservatives

Learn more about why our expert trainers recommend behavioral Balance to help you achieve a happy, healthy, well balanced and obedient companion

Super tasty, nutritionally balanced, high quality and digestible ingredients all wrapped up in a grain free food which is great for your dog and free from potentially behaviour affecting colourings and additives!

What you feed your dog has a huge impact on their health, longevity and behaviour. Behavioural balance has been selected by Matt Wiggins to ensure that you are giving your dog the best that you can whilst having positive effects on your dogs state of mind compared to lesser quality foods!

Matt Wiggins has overseen the training, development and integration of over 1700 dogs which have been placed in family homes or schooled through problem behaviours then trained a high level of obedience for their current owners and he has noticed a significant difference in behaviour when a dogs diet is switched from a lesser quality food to Behavioural Balance!

If you are either hoping to experience the changes that Matt has witnessed or maintain your well mannered dogs behaviour over the long term the Behavioural Balance comes highly recommended by Matt, his team and his clients – creating healthy coats and physical performance balanced with a calm state of mind and a happy dog is our aim and Behavioural Balance is an integral part of achieving our aim and mission.

If you want to feed your dog the same food as thousands of well behaved family pets, former difficult dogs and assistance dogs then invest in a bag of Behavioural Balance now and experience the difference for yourself!

Be kind to your dog to be kind to yourself!!